Globe Link

Streamlining Globe’s employee referral program

Globe Telecom, a major telecom provider in the Philippines, needed a solution for their Employee Referral Program which used three independent systems for one process. Through process reengineering and system development, we created the Globe Link app—a web app that streamlined the whole program into one system.


Our student team was tasked to study the company, its referral program, and all related infrastructure. As lead UX/UI designer, I conducted research to determine all user journeys and produced necessary wireframes and prototypes. I made sure to follow the company's brand guidelines and stayed consistent with their existing systems.

Employee Referral

We condensed as much steps as possible, and narrowed down the referral process to 2 easy steps. Many forms to fill out discouraged employees to do referrals, so we minimized the user's interaction with forms and messy data.

Employee Dashboard

Employees previously did not have a way to track their referrals and their status. This was a crucial feature of the app as it promoted accountability for receiving referral incentives.

Admin Dashboard

We made sure that the experience was also easy for the administrator. All referrals and applications were now housed in one organized dashboard that gave controls for easier management.


Awards & Features

Best Project Management Thesis
Ateneo de Manila University
Department of Information Systems & Computer Science
Awarded March 2015, alongside 2 other projects